About Us

welcome to our company

Who we are

We are a privately held company that acquires and expands businesses located in the USA and Europe. While not exclusive, our primary areas of interest include life science, medical, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and logistics. Companies within the Shadle Park Group will operate independently but promote the same core values emphasizing a safe and positive working environment, teamwork, accountability, and quality. Our guiding investing principle is to develop businesses for long-term sustainable growth, not short-term gain.

Joining the group

If you are thinking about selling your business, reach out for a friendly, private call. Tell us about your company and current situation. If you decide to sell, what would be ideal for you and your firm? We will share our initial thoughts and approach to making deals. We can then investigate more in depth if we agree that there may be a match. We will collaborate with you to structure a deal that satisfies both your individual requirements and your aspirations for the company's future.


Chris Croson is the Founder and President of Shadle Park Group. Originally from Spokane, Washington, Chris has worked in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for over 25 years. Within companies such as Bayer Healthcare, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Seattle Genetics Chris has held responsibilities in process and product development, manufacturing, large capital projects, and global operations oversight. Chris is passionate about investing in people and developing great businesses.